Osage Orange

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Osage Orange Seeds
Scientific Name : Maclura pomifera
Quantity: 1 packet contains 10+ seeds

Description : Osage Orange, also known as Bow Wood or Hedge Apple is a fast-growing tree reaching 9 to 12ft in 3 to 5 year, up to 20-40ft in full. Fruits are 4-6". It is used for hedge rows and is deer resistant. Very hardy, once established it needs little attention.

Osage orange is easy to propagate from seed. Untreated seed should be sown in the fall, but pre-chilled treated seeds are necessary for spring planting. Osage orange seed should be prechilled at 41 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) for 30 days before seeding. This is easily done by putting them in a plastic bag in refrigerator at for a month. Seeds that are ready to germinate will have become plump and soft.

Sowing Depth: 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep
Germ Time: 14 days
Height: up to 40 feet

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