Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean

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Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean Seeds
Quantity: approx. 25+ seeds in packet.
Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO/Open Pollinated

The Kentucky Wonder Bean is one of the oldest, widely used bean varieties ever grown. It matures a week earlier than most bush beans (approx. 45 days) and produces fleshy, medium-green pods in clusters over an extended season. Pods stay off the ground without a trellis thanks to its strong vines. Prefers full sun exposure. Pods can be eaten fresh, canned, or frozen. White color seeds.

Wait until the frost-free date for your zone and until the soil has warmed to above 60F (15C).
Plant seeds directly in the garden 1" deep in rows 18" to 36" apart. Don't start indoors since they don't transplant well.

Water early in the day so any moisture on foliage dries quickly. Do not use nitrogen fertilizers since you will get excessive leaf production instead of fruit. Rotate crop position in the garden every three years.

Planting depth: 1”
Days to germinate: 6-10
Plant spacing: 2"
Row spacing: 24"
Plant height: 18'
Sun: Full
Stringless - Stringless When Young
Bean Type - Snap

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