Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea

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Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea Seeds
Quantity: approx. 25+ seeds in packet.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea seeds produce the earliest and most dwarf edible pods. They are prolific, bushy plants that grow to about 24" - 35” tall. Harvest immature pods and use as "snow" peas or leave to allow the peas to fill out and use as a snap pea. Mature in 65 days. Sow seed 1" deep. Space 1-3″ apart in the row.

Planting depth: 1”
Days to germinate: 6-10
Plant spacing: 1-3″ in raw
Plant height: 24" - 30"

Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas grow well in both northern and southern states. They are heat and cold tolerant and thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 - 9. They prefer cool weather and can be planted in spring as soon as the ground can be safely worked. Plant a later crop about two months before the last frost. Provide plenty of moisture and bright sunlight.

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