Gardening With Kids

Gardening offers wonderful and amazing opportunities for kids to play, learn and grow. It helps kids learn patience, planning and organizing, and the value of hard work. It builds useful skills and habits. It teaches them about environment, nature, and sustainability. 

  • Gardening builds healthy eating habits. The type of diet during your childhood years affect their eating habits when the grow up. 
  • Teaches about botany, biology and chemistry. Your kids will learn anything from identifying seeds and plants, how and when to plant, taking care for different types of vegetables and fruits. They will learn about various types of soil, natural sciences, photosynthesis, etc.
  • Gardening brings kids and parents together. Spending more time with your children while working outdoors creates and strengthens the bond between families.
  • Gardening teaches kids patience and responsibility. 
  • Teaches planning and organizing skills.
  • Encourages spending time away from screens and TV. Encourages exercise and physical activity. Working outdoors promotes good health.
  • Teaches kids about balanced creation vs. consumption lifestyle.
  • Creates an active lifestyle habit.
  • Builds some of the best memories of their childhood working together with parents and friends, playing, telling stories.
  • Helps kids learn about economics. The cost gardening and production to the value of food produced gives a comparison for understanding the value of labor.

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